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Our Story

Our founder built Neck Up to provide a superior alternative to the toxic stereotypes of what an ideal man should be.

He first started understanding the significant value of personal grooming a few years ago by his girlfriend at the time. When he went out to purchase some products on his own though, he was overwhelmed with all of the confusing options out there and surprised to see most of them largely targeted towards women.

After tedious research, our founder was able to find a few men’s brands, but was disappointed at how the majority of them portray the “perfect” man as one with a muscular physique, sharp jawline, and full beard.
Even though those outdated stereotypes didn’t speak to him, our founder decided to try some out, but the quality turned out to be mediocre.

That is when Neck Up was formed. An inclusive brand which delivers high quality solutions that work for all men who are looking to better themselves, regardless of a full beard and a perfect jawline or not.