1) How can I apply it?

You can apply it with the provided spoon or your fingers (ensure they are thoroughly washed).

2) How much should I apply?

A medium layer consistently across your skin.

3) How many uses does 1 jar contain?

It varies significantly from person to person based on the amount they are using. But you will definitely get several uses out of it, if not a dozen or two.

4) Can I fly with this?

Absolutely! You can even take it in your cabin (aka carry-on) luggage. We have designed the jar to 3.52fl oz / 100 grams just so you can take this with you anywhere you go.

5) Can I apply it on my beard?

Yes, you can apply it on the roots of your beard where the skin is. It can help with itchiness and irritation. Heads up - it may take a bit of time to wash it off your beard though, but well worth it.

6) When during the day should I be using this face mask?

You can use this at any point in the day as long as you have access to water to wash it off at the end.

7) Can I apply it on the rest of my body?

Absolutely, this clay can be applied throughout your whole body.

Reach out if you have any additional questions!