Winter Skin Care Tips for Men

Seeing your skin flake away or finding it scaly and dry? These signs of dry skin are often contributed by the winter season. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Men’s skin is as prone to getting dry as women’s.

But we’ve got some solutions for you. And guess what? They do not include expensive treatments or procedures. These methods are using easy to find, day to day ingredients you can find around your house.

1. Water is your go to buddy

Dry and itchy skin is often due to dehydration, and it is not only restricted to the summer. The fact that we feel less thirsty during winter makes it very easy to neglect our daily water intake. This can often cause dehydration and dry out your skin.

2. Consume healthy fats

It is important to consume healthy (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) fats in moderate quantities such as in nuts and in oils like olive, coconut, and castor. They provide the body with essential fatty acids which give the skin a natural moisturizer, helping maintain the texture and elasticity of the skin.

3. Have a simple face care routine

Using varieties of products for your face can be overwhelming, but Neck Up offers a simple alternative to complicated face care routines. Brighten Up and Spruce Up Clay facial masks hydrate, nourish and deep cleanse your face. Unlike other clay facial masks, Neck Up face masks do not dry out the skin. Made from premium ingredients, it provides hydration and leaves the face moisturized.

4. Break a sweat

Working out can work wonders for the skin. A simple 30 minute exercise thrice a week can help metabolize the cell wastes on the skin and boost the production of new cells, giving you that healthy skin that you desire.

5. Go easy on the soap

While taking a shower might seem to be a good solution to keep yourself clean. Over using soap, ones which foam similar to a face wash, can strip the natural oils that your skin produces, and leaving your skin dry. Sticking to a lukewarm water shower for a short time can be a good option to prevent losing those natural oils.